How to Tell If You Need a Toilet Repair

You try flushing the toilet, but instead of the water swirling away, it starts rising. At Pederson Plumbing, we understand the panic that sets in as you watch the water creep up toward the rim. That's why we're here to help you identify the signs that indicate you need a toilet repair, so you can avoid any unexpected Kansas City plumbing repairs. Read on and get a quote today to learn more!

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toilet and plunger

Slow Flushing

If you've observed your toilet struggling to flush or taking an unusually long time to do so, it's a clear sign that you need a toilet repair. This problem could be caused by a clog or an issue with the flush valve, and if left unattended, it could escalate into a larger issue that requires extensive repair work.

toilet tank

Constantly Running

Don't ignore the sound of your toilet. When you notice it is running long after you have already flushed, you could be recognizing the symptom of a faulty fill valve. The continuous flow of water can lead to higher utility bills and unnecessary water waste. The best course of action is to contact a 24-hour plumber right away to prevent further complications.

water damage around toilet

Water Around the Base

A leaking toilet can lead to severe problems, such as water damage to your floors and subfloor and even mold growth. If you notice water pooling around the base of your toilet, it's a sign of a leak. It's essential to contact a professional plumber in Kansas City as soon as possible to repair the leak and protect against further damage.

lifting the toilet lid


Take a close look at your toilet bowl and tank. Do you notice any cracks or signs of damage? Even a small crack can cause significant problems, including leaks and potential flooding. If you spot any cracks, it's time to call Pederson Plumbing to assess the situation.

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Recognize the signs of toilet trouble early and avoid headaches down the line. Call Pederson's Plumbing, the best plumbers in Kansas City, if you notice any of the signs above. Schedule an appointment with our plumbing experts today!

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